Where We Are

Villa Al Podere, thanks to his geographic position, is situated between Cortona 35 km far, Siena 40 km far and Arezzo just 20 km.
The villa is 80 km far from Firenze, 
and just 4 km to freeway A1.
From the A1 exit turn left toward MONTE SAN SAVINO and continue for about 2 kilometres, go over the railway bridge and carry on until you come 
to the traffic lights.
Turn left toward PALAZZUOLO-GARGONZA, continue for 900 metres and you will see a narrow down hill road on your left called “Costa del Mulino” and immediately after, where the main road bears right, there is a narrow road on the left (between 2 posts) just before the antique shop. Turn left into the road and go down to the bottom and you will come to the gate of the villa.